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Mahmoud Abdallah

Mahmoud Abdallah, age 68, has served as a Director since May 2012. Mr. Abdallah currently serves as Managing Partner of MMA Global Investments LLC, an investment and advisory firm, a position he had held since July 2012. Mr. Abdallah also served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MISR Insurance Holding Company (MIHC), Cairo Egypt, from 2006 to 2012. Mr. Abdallah has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. His experience includes International Reinsurance, Direct Insurance Broking, Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting, Private-Public Globalization Initiatives, and Privatization of Government owned Insurance Operations. He has also twice served as Chairman of the International Insurance Council and currently is a member of the National Council for Arts and Sciences at George Washington University. Mr. Abdallah is also a Board member of Egypt Air, HSBC Egypt and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The specific experience, qualifications, attributes and skills that led to the conclusion that Mr. Abdallah should serve as a director, as of the date hereof, are as follows: Mr. Abdallah has extensive experience in the global insurance and reinsurance industry and international finance as well as serving as a director of other financial services companies.