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John Hendrickson

John Hendrickson, age 56, has been a Director of the Company since its formation. In February 2013 Mr. Hendrickson joined Validus as Director of Strategy. Prior to this, Mr. Hendrickson was the Founder and Managing Partner of SFRi LLC, an independent investment and advisory firm specializing in the insurance industry. From 1995 to 2004, Mr. Hendrickson held various positions with Swiss Re, including as a Member of the Executive Board, Head of Capital Partners (Swiss Re’s Merchant Banking Division), and Managing Partner of Securitas Capital. From 1985 to 1995, Mr. Hendrickson was with Smith Barney, the U.S. investment banking firm. The specific experience, qualifications, attributes and skills that led to the conclusion that Mr. Hendrickson should serve as a director, as of the date hereof, are as follows: Mr. Hendrickson has extensive experience as an investment banker, investor and executive in the global (re)insurance industry. Mr. Hendrickson has also served as a director of insurance and reinsurance companies, including serving as audit committee chair.