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Validus Holdings, Ltd. Calendar Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd. Press Release Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd. Presentation Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd. Financial Supplements Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd. Annual Report Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd. SEC Filings Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd End-of-Day Stock Quote Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd End-of-Day SEC Alert
Validus Holdings, Ltd Weekly Summary Alert (What's this?)
Validus Holdings, Ltd provides a weekly summary alert of all the alerts sent during the prior week. Included in the weekly summary alert are:
  • News Releases
  • Presentations
  • Events
  • SEC Filings
  • Other Financial Reports
  • Annual Reports
This weekly summary alert will include any alerts that are distributed after you subscribe to this weekly summary alert.

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Validus Holdings, Ltd Price & Volume Alert (What's this?)
You may set a Price & Volume alert that will be distributed when one or more specified thresholds have been crossed. Select Yes to view the conditions that may be set, which are (1) upper and/or lower stock quote prices, (2) upper and/or lower stock quote percentage changes based on the previous day's closing price, and/or (3) trading volume from the daily open. Please note the following: Only one set of Price & Volume alert conditions may be set per email address. When an alert has been sent, your preferences will be cleared - at that time you may return to this page to create a new set of conditions. In the event a year elapses from the time you sign up for the Price & Volume alert, your conditions will be deactivated without notice. Stock information is delayed for a minimum of 20 minutes.

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Current stock price for VR Common Stock is $67.99, and volume is 0. Notify me when:
Price Exceeds
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Price Exceeds % Previous Day's Close
Price Falls Below % Previous Day's Close
Volume Exceeds in a day
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** Please note that often times, the company may file several documents with the SEC in the same day, which will result in multiple e-mail alerts (one for each filing). Signing up for the End-of-Day option will eliminate the multiple e-mail issue, but it will also affect the timeliness of the notification with respect to the filing time.